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Using the Security surveillance cameras method in loss prevention

Another security measure that Allied international security will implement as a loss prevention strategy is installation of the security surveillance cameras. The security surveillance cameras are used in mostly all business or organization to ensure theft prevention and to ensure visibility in all area surrounding the company buildings. The security surveillance camera when installed in all area of the company or store buildings will make criminals think twice before engaging in any larceny act and it will also help the company or store spot any theft or shoplifting act immediately, thus, ensuring businesses with installed security surveillance camera a great deal of success with theft or larceny prevention.

Implementing the Electronic Article surveillance method in loss prevention

Allied international security also implement the electronic article surveillance method in other to prevent loss in a store, company, or warehouse because this is the most common lost prevention technology in which is implemented in stores and warehouses in the world today. Electronic Article Surveillance also known as EAS is the combination of two security tools; Security tags in which are attached to pieces of inventory within the store is the first security tool used, while, The second security tool used in EAS is building gate like structures to guard all entrances and exit of the store or warehouse. The Electronic Article Surveillance is very active in detecting theft because whenever a product with the security tag passes through the brink of the EAS gates it set on an alert that makes everyone in the store or warehouse aware of a theft. The electronic article surveillance system is so effective that all business, stores, warehouses or organization needs to practice it in other to ensure that product safety.

In conclusion Allied International security make use of our professional security guards, our effective security surveillance camera, the electronic article surveillance system and all other security measure to ensure loss prevention in your businesses and also the ensure the safety of your staff contact us today and get the five star security that you need

Easy Ways To Ensure Loss Prevention With Allied International Security

Either you own a store, a warehouse, a company, or a business, chances are high that you are involved with loss prevention. Whatsoever Businesses, be it retail or wholesales that invites customers into their store can fall victim to stealing, shoplifting and other forms of larceny. According to research, every year each business loses millions of dollars’ worth of inventory due to the lack of professional loss prevention strategies.

However, with allied international security there are lots of security strategies in which business owners can implement to ensure theft or larceny avoidance. Hiring a standard security guard, installing security surveillance camera and also installing an electronic article surveillance system are all ways in which all business should implement to prevent loss and ensure the business/company safety

Hiring a standard security Guard.

Are you on a search in hiring a standard and professional security guard then look no further because Allied international security is the solution for you. Security guards are a valuable tool in loss prevention due to their activeness and visibility in fighting against theft or larceny. Allied international security guards are trained in a way on how to observe, suspect and detain potential criminals until the arrival of the police


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